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New trails opened near Lackland

14 Jun 2022

By Frank Fitzpatrick, SRR Features

Segments of the Leon Creek Greenway opened nearby Joint-base San Antonio Lackland area. This effort is the beginning of the quest to link the Leon Creek Greenway from the Dora Jordan Trailhead on S.W. Military Highway to the Medina River.

New segments at Levi Strauss and Mateo Camargo parks— Maps: USGS, route trace: Frank Fitzpatrick
New segments at Levi Strauss and Mateo Camargo parks— Maps: USGS, route trace: Frank Fitzpatrick

The dashed line is the previously existing trail. The green line is an approximation of the location of the new trail. It exists, I have ridden it.

Here's recap of these segments:

Arvil Avenue Trailhead: There is no way to reach this trailhead by vehicle from Arvil Ave, located just west of Rodriguez Park. You must enter from the Rodriguez Park entrance. The trail loop adjacent to Rodriguez Park is identified by local signage to be part of the Leon Creek Greenway Trail. It has no connection to any other part of the Leon Creek Greenway Trail. The distance from Arvil Avenue Trailhead to a T-intersection where US-90 crosses Leon Creek is 0.9 mile (1.5 km).

Lackland Gateway Trail: The new connector to the Lackland Gateway Trail connects to the Leon Creek trail south of Old Hwy 90 (Enrique Barrera Pkwy). To get there, you must get on the trail at the "Arvil Ave Trailhead" which is adjacent to Rodriguez Park, or traverse a long staircase from Levi Straus Park. Coming from the other end, from the Lackland Gateway Trail, it is a turn to the north at a crossover at Leon Creek.

Lackland Corridor Gateway Park: This park is the western terminus of the Lackland Corridor Trail for a distance of 1.5 mile (2.3 km).

Mateo Camargo Park: The eastern terminus is Camargo Park (south side of US 90 opposite Nelson Wolff Stadium, the Missions Baseball Park). The distance from the T-intersection to Camargo Park is 0.2 mile (0.3 km).

Leon Creek Trail Loop: This is a 1.2-mile (1.9-km) loop that is adjacent to Rodriguez Park.

Other segments of the greenway trails have been built such as the one on the Far West Side that runs about 2 miles (3 km) from Culebra Creek Park to a neighborhood trailhead on Terra Oak and the 0.6-mile (1-km) segment of the Beitel Creek Greenway (See related article: Update: Beitel Creek Greenway to run from Thousand Oaks to LBJ).

About the Author

Frank is co-leader of the Greenway Trails Bicycle Riders Meetup group in San Antonio. Their link is

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