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Centerline on trails has meaning

10 Apr 2022

Ever notice a solid centerline on some sections of the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trails? According to parks officials, it has meaning: go slow and don't cross (it). That along with a few other protocols prompted SRR to address a menacing issue on the trails: unsafe cycling. Many cyclists blow through areas where it calls for slowing down such as trailheads where many are slowing down to get off. There have been multiple injuries including fatalities from unsafe cycling. Here's the take on some of these protocols:

Announce "Passing on your left": Quite often, music is blaring in the ears of cyclists and hikers and may not hear the cry—on your left; therefore, consider a loud bell. Its piecing sound can override the music. Hey—it's just an opinion, here.

Solid centerline has meaning; Go slow, do not pass—Photo: SRR
Solid centerline has meaning; Go slow, do not pass—Photo: SRR

Limit two people side by side at time and keep tight to the right: That's not going to happen; therefore, slow down and let 'em know that you are coming up from their left. Here again, the bell can be very effective.

Remain on main trail: Don't know the real message behind this one but it can be apropos for nature preserves such as Bamberg Park and McAllister Park. Unfortunately, mountain bikers have carved out ad hoc trails in some of these preserves which concerns nature groups.

A sign stands at the Valero Park Trailhead that lists these items of etiquette. Take a look. Enjoy the ride!

Park sign displays trail etiquette—Photo: SRR
Park sign displays trail etiquette—Photo: SRR

—SRR Features

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