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Hanna brings heavy showers to only certain parts of the area

26 Jul 2020

Clouds darken the southern skies of San Antonio
Clouds darken the southern skies of San Antonio, taken from northside of airfield at San Antonio International

Hurricane Hanna roared in as a category I storm. It brought showers to the San Antonio area; however, not significant enough to bring flooding as originally expected. Dark clouds rolled in Saturday morning for SA's northeast sector, but offered only a smidgen of drops. The area experienced some showers on Sunday morning, but nothing substantial enough to flood the trails. Salado Creek on Sunday had very little runoff. Strong winds reportedly caused damages in nearby town of La Vernia.

It is to be noted that another tropical is brewing in the Caribbean. It's Hurricane Gonzalo, located in the lower Caribbean. (This website will be providing a live weather map should any of these storms pose issues for the area.)

See Live Radar here.

—SRR News Services

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