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Rock art debuts at Salado North

13 Jun 2019

The Greenway trails have been a favorite for cyclists, runners, walkers, photographers, and members of San Antonio's canine population. We can add the artistically inclined to the list. Sculptures of stacked stone figures or dolmen have appeared on the new section of the trail that runs from Huebner Road to the Loop 1604 Trailhead. They add an ambiance to the new trail's experience that features bluffs and forests. Most of the route is shaded which comes in handy during those hot dog days of summer. Stop, pause, and take it all in.

We take you on a photo tour of these incredible rock sculptures with hope that they have been left there by Homo sapiens from planet Earth—not extra-terrestrials.

A rock statute greets those on the trails
A rockman greets the trail blazers—Photo: SRR

A rock status poses as being on watch
A rockman on watch—Photo: SRR

A rock status appears to be watching out for everyone
Keeping an eye out for you; notice the face and left eye—Photo: SRR

A rock figure appears as standing proud and ready to lecture
A lecturer—Photo: SRR

A rock figure appears to be standing on guard
A rock figure appears to be standing on guard—Photo: SRR

—Rob Tillman

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