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Salado Creek Greenway construction is complete to Loop 1604

15 Apr 2019

Progress on the construction of the Salado Creek Greenway from Huebner Road to Loop 1604 has been excellent. Workers stated in late February that they will have the new trail completed to 1604 by the end of May. As of 8 April 2019, the pavement was completed to the parking lot of a new trailhead at Loop 1604.

Salado Greenway construction near Loop 1604
Salado Creek Greenway ends at new trailhead's parking lot. Traffic is seen on the highway.

At 1604, a Parks and Recreation sign reads, "The Leon Creek Greenway to the Salado Creek Greenway Connection." The trailhead is accessible from the eastbound service road before it reaches Salado Creek.

Brandon Ross, director of Parks and Recreation, said last week that the trailhead should be completed by June. There have been a slew of cyclists and folks on foot exploring the new paved trail. They have not been the only ones: coyote tracks were noted on the concrete. Besides coyotes, wildlife includes deer, foxes, skunks, armadillos, mountain lions, feral hogs (razorbacks), and others.

Coyote tracks
Coyote tracks

The construction will continue the trail to Eisenhower Park where it will be connected to the Leon Creek trailhead. Ross said that the junction trailhead will have nice features beyond the norm.

Eisenhower connection map; estimated completion by 2021

Eisenhower connection map; estimated completion by 2021—Parks and Recreation

—SRR News Services


Revised from 15 Mar 2019

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