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A six-passenger mountain bike? Is it for real?

06 Aug 2012

From the Humor Department

We pulled from our archives a bit of classic humor during these crazy times. Originally released in 2009, we introduced the six-passenger mountain bike.

Just what we’ve been waiting for—a mountain bike built for six! Just think of the excitement of negotiating switchbacks, uphills, downhills, and freerides. Guaranteed, the "driver" will have his or her hands full to maneuver the MTB and accommodate five passengers whose only role is to peddle! This bike is a Cannondale Rush “Stretched” edition—ideal for mom and pop with four kids who wish to venture out on the trails!

It is for real? What folks are saying...
It won't work. As soon as you hit a bump, the frame may sag or bend in the middle.
—Darrell D., software engineer.

How would it go over a rock? It would collide with the chain wheels in the middle.
—Andy M., health physicist

You cannot turn the corners.
—Mike K., lab manager

The photo was Photoshopped. We all need a laugh, right?—SRR webmaster

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