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  1. The Solid Rock Riders (herein as SRR) is a community service of Zyrlatron for promoting cycling as a recreation.
  2. The SRR website includes information and materials obtained from various sources that have been originated by the bicycling community. SRR and any of its associates do not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the safety, accuracy, authenticity, completeness or usefulness of any information obtained from this website.
  3. SRR will not be liable for any damage, loss, or personal injury arising from errors or omissions in the information or loss of information obtained from this website.
  4. SRR will not be responsible for any injury to any individual, rider, or non-rider, any damage to any bicycle or equipment or personal property as a result of using ride directions obtained from this website.
  5. The data presented in this website is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, express, or implied. SRR assumes no responsibility for the use of this application or the information contained therein. Data gathered and presented is derived from GIS public information that is undergoing revision at all times from various sources including GPS devices and bicycle computers. Under no circumstances should this data be used for legal or scientific purposes.
  6. SRR is not responsible for the safety of any route chosen by SRR and it is understood that riders are responsible to determine for themselves the safety and appropriateness of any route. Riders are responsible to check with their medical providers to assess their ability and fitness level before participating and use of information provided by this website.
  7. SRR has no control over the availability of remote websites and is not responsible for the information found at those sites. The inclusion of a link in the website does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by SRR.
  8. SRR is not responsible for any product or services being linked to, listed on, advertised on, or in any way associated with this website. In addition, SRR is not responsible for any injury or damage to any individual or any property as a result of any services or products being linked to, listed on, advertised on or in any way associated with this website.
  9. SRR will not disclose any personal information that users provide to us or through any interfaces of to any third party without their permission.
  10. Participants of any SRR rides or events agree to hold SRR and any third parties harmless, in connection with the information provided by against any liability, loss or damage caused by or arising from my use of information provided by and participation therein.

Privacy Statement: The information collected from the user is solely for the purpose of SRR. Any personal information given to this site will not be sold, shared, bartered, traded, or loaned to any individual, company, organization or other entity. All user-supplied information is held confidential unless required by law.


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