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Morningstar Boardwalk gate is closed, indicating that the boardwalk sustained damages
Update: are the repairs on the Boardwalk done?
Sun glares through the clouds with harmful UV rays
Your Health / A risk of riding: skin cancer!
An outdoor amphitheater featured at the Dan Mark Park trailhead—Photo: SRR
A visit at the fairly new Dan Markson Park
Stage 2 peloton dazzles the crowds in Roskilde, Denmark on 2 Jul 2022
Video: Capturing the Tour de France moments in Denmark (select to go to YouTube)
Metro light rail train— Photo: Los Angeles Port of Authority
How light rail transit and greenway trails may compliment each other
Photoshopped conceptualization of greenway trail running between Fort Sam Houston and Union Pacific track—Photo: SRR
It won't be until 2025 for the north-south Salado connector
The 100-foot (30-m) bluffs of Medicine Wall overlooking Salado Creek
Medicine Wall serves as an attraction along the Salado Creek Greenway
Just south of Austin Highway, bulk trash backs up on Salado Creek—Photo: SRR
It's much worst: Salado Creek trash
Markers depict the area where Dawson and his men were captured by Mexican troops
Part 1 of Historic Tours: Salado Creek Greenway North
Boardwalk on Spring Creek in Springdale— Photo: Brandonrush
Distance Calculator adds Northwest Arkansas
Postcard of Fort Sam Houston
Part 2 of Historic Tours: Salado Creek Greenway South
Photoshopped image of Comal Springs when the water is flowing—Photo: SRR
Comal Springs, another stop for the Great Springs Project
Mission Concepcion is situated near the Battle of Conception
Part 3 of Historic Tours: Mission Reach
Naco 210 a Mexican cafe nestled in the woods next to Salado Creek—Photo: SRR
A venue worth visiting on the Salado Creek Greenway
Newly installed safety barriers on trails at a blind spot on I-410 service road—Photo: SRR
Safety barriers have arrived!
The Blue Hole headwaters of the San Antonio River— Photo: SRR
Last stop for the Great Springs trail: the Blue Hole in SA
Danish flag
Tour de France: a big day for Denmark
As result of flood waters, it takes on the appearance of a lake primed for lake front homes—Photo: SRR
New lake along Salado Greenway?
TV motorcycle crew bearing the France Sport TV name roars by following a cyclist—Video: SRR
Imagine what it's like to attend Tour de France
Completed trail connects Southside Lions Park to S.E. Military—Maps:, Graphics: SRR
Update: How Salado Creek Greenway could be extended to Mission Reach
An unpaved trail in McAllister Park, a preserve in northeast San Antonio
Greenway proposal for McAllister Park receives mix of support and opposition
Dedicated bike trail painted red on Gießener Strasse in Frankfurt, Germany near the U.S. Consulate—Photo: SRR
Dedicated bike trails: can it really work in San Antonio?
New segments at Levi Strauss and Mateo Camargo parks— Maps:, route trace: Frank Fitzpatrick
New trails opened near Lackland
TxDOT engineering drawing of the detour for the Leon Creek Greenway under Loop 1604
Update: Greenway detours will be provided, TxDOT confirms
Great Spring Project logo and map—Graphics: Great Springs Project
Great Springs Project announces trail to run from Austin to San Antonio
Wurzbach Parkway Trailhead connects the Beitel Creek Greenway— Photo: SRR
Update: Beitel Creek Greenway to run from Thousand Oaks to LBJ
Massive old oak tree with large limbs sprawling in all directions is situated near Salado Creek Greenway and Nacogdoches Road
Any known history about this old tree on Salado Creek Greenway?
Felicia Guerra and Diane Bordovsky stand next to the Operation Support van used for transporting equipment including bikes—Photo: SRR
Healing the scars of war: Operation Comfort helps veterans overcome the past
Espada Aqueduct crosses over a creek
Acequia provides cyclists a look back at New Spain's ingenuity
As a memorial to Rebecca Gartrell, a monument is accompanied by a bench and red oak at McAllister Park dog park trailhead
McAllister Park monument constructed in memory of fallen runner
Copperhead with its light-colored with red and brown crossbands can hide in the bushes
Snakes are more frequent due to rainy weather
A snowman graces the snow-covered Walker Ranch Trailhead during the afternoon of 18 Feb 2021
A snowy day at a trailhead
A six-passenger mountain bike - this is a riot
Classic Humor: A Six-passenger MTB?
Gate at Beckmann Quarry is permanently open
Connector to Eisenhower is open!
A cyclist is blurred in the effects of solar flare that will stop modern vehicles rendering the bicycle as the primary means of transportation
EMP poses a huge threat to utilities, transportation
Looking south on Tower Drive, a shade-lined road with rolling hills and tall water tower on right
Cyclists find Hill Country Village / Hollywood Park still a classic
Salado Creek going up a hill at the northern airfield sector of San Antonio International Airport
Greenway Trails: Part I
Greenway trail crosses the Leon Creek in western sector of San Antonio
Greenway Trails: Part II
Standing in queue at Bike World, a San Antonio bike shop
Bike shops are swamped due to COVID-19
Salado Creek Greenway emergency post with solar-powered direct link to 911
What happens to your bike should you get seriously sick or injured?
Terminal building of Stinson Airport made of a mix of stone and metal
Stinson Airport trailhead serves as the new gateway to Mission Reach
Canopy-covered booth at the Tobin Trailhead as folks gathered to receive free bright-green t-shirts, reflectors, and duffle bags
Vision Zero promotes shared responsibilities for the roadways
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Greenway trail funding may be on the line with city council
Historic construction photos of the Eisenhower-Rim connector
Salado north-south connection: cyclists await!
Robert L. Tobin Land Bridge unites Hardburger; lacks amenities for cyclists
A precursor to mountain biking? It was 1968
Cyclist struck by pickup truck at Stinson Airport
Two planned spurs of McAllister Park face mixed destinies
Father of four loses his life in a bike crash with a pickup truck
Hanna brings heavy showers to only certain parts of the area
Coffee ride venue closes in north SA
Stormy skies leave dangerous trails
Tour de France delayed to a later date due to COVID-19
SAWS construction continues along Salado Creek Greenway
Your Safety / Part 2: Meet the Road Gods!
Your Safety / Part 1: Meet the Road Gods!
Southside Lions Park's features an observation deck
It's this time of year: hazardous leaves
1604 connector to Eisenhower Park construction is making progress
1604 trailhead officially opens 2 Aug; work continues to Eisenhower
Rock art debuts at Salado North
Salado Creek Greenway construction is complete to Loop 1604
Performance Bicycle closing its stores
Thunderstorm showers flood Leon Creek
Heavy rainfall floods Salado Creek
Mountain lion sightings near UTSA and Leon Creek Greenway
Your Health / It's Radioactive
July arrives with a re-opened coffee house and a new ride group
Mission Reach greenway reaches other tributaries
Welcome to the Firefly Ride!
San Antonio Greenways are limited by recent flooding
Voters Pass Proposition 2 - New Bike Trails Are on the Way!
On Tour: A unique trailhead along the Mississippi River Trail
Your Health / Coffee and Cycling—Watch the Acid
On Tour: One of the Longest Cycling / Hiking Bridges in the World
Coffee house ride venue closes
Safe passing ordinance gets a boost in SA
New Video: A Tribute to Brooks AFB
Made in China: Why most bicycles are not made here
Mission Reach new section opens

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