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Meet the Greenway Trails Bicycle Riders, a Meetup Group

28 Dec 2021

Greenway Trail Bicycle Riders Meetup Link

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Who are the Greenway Trail Bicycle Riders?

The Greenway Trails Bicycle Riders is a Meetup Group that rides on San Antonio's Greenway Trails and the Mission Reach Trail along the San Antonio River. Under the leadership of Dave Canada and Frank Fitzpatrick, the group has been successful in bringing riders who wish to go at an average of 10 - 12 mph (16 - 20 kph). Even though most riders are in the 50+ age range, younger riders are welcome too. As said by Canada, "We ride at a leisure pace and look out for each other so we don't leave anyone behind." The trails they ride are paved where cars are not allowed except where trails cross roads such as the case on the Medina River Greenway where it crosses at S. Roosevelt and S. Flores.

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