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Mobile Devices

For mobile devices, use the Accessibility controls.

Hearing-impaired: This website does not have any audio at this time; however, should there be any audio material presented, closed captioning or a script will be provided.


Visually-impaired: Most screen readers should be able to interpret the material presented on this website. All elements including alternative text for images are provided for this impairment.

Motor-impaired and visually-impaired: You can navigate this website without using the mouse. For desktop, the cursor begins at the Home menu selection for each page. Press Tab to advance the cursor to other menu selections and each page. For mobile devices, just use the touchscreen.

Font Sizes

For most browsers, you can toggle between the larger and regular-size text.

Letter A with up arrow indicates larger text size for the visually impaired
Letter A with up arrow

Choose the alphabet icon shown with up arrow. It enlarges to 200%.

Letter A with down arrow indicates normal text size
Letter A with down arrow

Choose the alphabet icon with the down arrow to restore the text to its original size.

Please note that many browsers may not support this feature; therefore, use its zoom-in and out features. Reference the browser's documentation.

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