Solid Rock Riders / Welcome! San Antonio, Texas USA  
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Entrance to Palo Alto National Historic Park—Photo: SRR Video
Video Classic: Brownsville Historic Battlefield Trail (select to go to YouTube)
San Pedro and Apache Creek Greenway—Photo: SRR
Video Classic: San Pedro and Apache Greenway, San Antonio (select to go to YouTube)
Greenway at Maryville, Tennessee
Video: Tennessee - Maryville to Alcoa (select to go to YouTube)
Mission San Francisco de la Espada—SRR Video
Video: Mission Reach with Frank: a Solid Rock Riders Presentation (select to go to YouTube)
5th switchback from the basin on the Leon Creek Greenway switchback at Eisenhower Park—Photo: SRR Video
Video: The Rim to Eisenhower Connector featuring the switchback (select to go to YouTube)
Stage 2 peloton dazzles the crowds in Roskilde, Denmark on 2 Jul 2022
Video: Capturing the Tour de France moments in Denmark (select to go to YouTube)
Frankfurt Bike Tour with view of the River Main and Frankfurt skyline
Video: Frankfurt Bike Tour (select to go to YouTube)

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