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An outdoor amphitheater featured at the Dan Mark Park trailhead—Photo: SRR
A visit at the fairly new Dan Markson Park
Metro light rail train— Photo: Los Angeles Port of Authority
How light rail transit and greenway trails may compliment each other
Photoshopped conceptualization of greenway trail running between Fort Sam Houston and Union Pacific track—Photo: SRR
It won't be until 2025 for the north-south Salado connector
Mission San Francisco de la Espada—SRR Video
Video: Mission Reach with Frank: a Solid Rock Riders Presentation (select to go to YouTube)
Markers depict the area where Dawson and his men were captured by Mexican troops
Part 1 of Historic Tours: Salado Creek Greenway North
Postcard of Fort Sam Houston
Part 2 of Historic Tours: Salado Creek Greenway South
Photoshopped image of Comal Springs when the water is flowing—Photo: SRR
Comal Springs, another stop for the Great Springs Project
Mission Concepcion is situated near the Battle of Conception
Part 3 of Historic Tours: Mission Reach
The Blue Hole headwaters of the San Antonio River— Photo: SRR
Last stop for the Great Springs trail: the Blue Hole in SA
Danish flag
Tour de France: a big day for Denmark
Stage 2 peloton dazzles the crowds in Roskilde, Denmark on 2 Jul 2022
Video: Capturing the Tour de France moments in Denmark (select to go to YouTube)
TV motorcycle crew bearing the France Sport TV name roars by following a cyclist—Video: SRR
Imagine what it's like to attend Tour de France
Frankfurt Bike Tour with view of the River Main and Frankfurt skyline
Video: Frankfurt Bike Tour (select to go to YouTube)
Dedicated bike trail painted red on Gießener Strasse in Frankfurt, Germany near the U.S. Consulate—Photo: SRR
Dedicated bike trails: can it really work in San Antonio?
New segments at Levi Strauss and Mateo Camargo parks— Maps:, route trace: Frank Fitzpatrick
New trails opened near Lackland
Wurzbach Parkway Trailhead connects the Beitel Creek Greenway— Photo: SRR
Update: Beitel Creek Greenway to run from Thousand Oaks to LBJ
Boardwalk on Spring Creek in Springdale— Photo: Brandonrush
Distance Calculator adds Northwest Arkansas
Great Spring Project logo and map—Graphics: Great Springs Project
Great Springs Project announces trail to run from Austin to San Antonio

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